Back to Work

I won’t lie – there was a feeling of dread at 7am this morning when the alarm clock filled the bedroom with an internet radio station. I drifted in and out of sleep for a few more minutes before resigning myself to the day ahead.

I always find the first day back after I’ve been on holiday a bit of a struggle. There’s an apprehension of what I’m going to find on my return. Thankfully today was ok. I didn’t stop all day and there’s still a hill to climb, but it was ok.

The image accompanying this post makes me smile – I work from home – I don’t have a commute, a bag, a train, a bus, a walk, or anything like that. I used to cycle to work – before the pandemic. A three mile ride each way, each day. The office was sold, and we changed over to working from home.


I’m sitting in the junk room at home while the sky grows dark outside, trying to switch off for a while. I walked into town after dinner to buy some milk. There’s a store just around the corner, but given I hadn’t got any further than the kitchen all day, I thought a walk might be a good idea.

A Wilson Phillips playlist is filling the room with a compilation, courtesy of Spotify. There’s a lot of Beach Boys covers involved – I need to find a Beach Boys playlist – and a Monkees playlist. Music is SUCH a rabbit-hole with me.

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