I almost overslept this morning. I’m going to blame the strangest dream I’ve had in quite some time. None of it made any sense, but it stuck in my head all day. Somebody I know was in it – I’ll have to tell them about it. I wonder if they had a strange dream too?


I went to an office today – for the first time in three years. The company I work for is busy putting together a new website (read: I’m putting together the new website), so we needed to get together to talk about pages, wording, and so on. The meeting could have happened remotely, but I think people are starting to get itchy about not having seen one another for.

We hired out a meeting room in a building that does exactly that – hires out meeting rooms. For an eye-watering amount of money you get a clean, tidy room in a managed office with wifi, a TV on the wall, a coffee machine, and some stale biscuits.

At least the coffee machine was good.

After revelling in the novelty factor of being “out of the house” for a few hours, we retired to a nearby café and met up with another colleague (the same café my daughter works at, although she was not there today).

I’m not going to lie – it was good to see co-workers again.

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Through all of Covid there was minimal working from home for me. My students worked from home and I taught remotely from my empty classroom. Go figure. I am a little envious of people who have the flexibility to choose their workspace. Or rather to work in peace and quiet. School is so much better without the students some days.

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