One blog to rule them all

After drinking the kool-aid, and spending several weeks trying to convince myself that running my own blogging castle on my own blogging island was a great idea, I’ve retreated back to the relative safety of substack (again).

Have no illusions. This is all about laziness.

Substack does great email notifications. It also has a simple switch that turns comments off. Oh – and most importantly, it also means I don’t have to think about synchronising github repositories, checking netlify is still doing it’s job, or any of that fun stuff. I can just write.

Yes, I’ll be beholden to a corporate overlord, but given that so many publishing platforms are falling like a house of cards at the moment, it made sense to go somewhere simple. And somewhere that’s not a walled garden.

Anyway. Enough of that. What’s going on with me?

Work is keeping on keeping on – and no, I’m not going to write anything about it because I don’t write about work. Never have. Never will. Suffice to say it’s busy, and looks like continuing to be pretty busy for the next however long. Which is good?

Home is busy too – mostly driven by my own idiotic endeavours, and by the rest of the family. The Youtube channel seems to have taken on a life entirely of it’s own – and is rolling down the hill, gathering speed in the same way an avalanche might – despite any efforts to put the brakes on it.

While this is happening, my other half started painting kitchen cupboards a few weeks ago, but didn’t get very far – so we now have half the kitchen cupboards missing. I can see myself getting involved in that too just to get it done. No doubt I’ll do it wrong somehow.

The washing machine is on it’s third load today already – and it’s still only lunchtime. That’s all I’m going to write about that.

Finally… I’m escaping in a bit to go have lunch at the cafe where my daughter works. She was called in this morning on her day off after several staff went off sick. I tried to impress on her that this is a good thing – that being seen as solid and reliable is a huge step with a new job. I’ll walk back with her at the end of her shift.

My recent posts have often seemed like I’m shouting while passing by doing something else – and it’s pretty much true. They’re invariably written in a ten minute window between doing other things.

Finally – and can you BELIEVE what’s going on at Twitter? This morning Elon shut their offices until Monday. What on earth is going on? There are rumours that 75% of the staff have walked out. The exodus to Mastodon has gathered pace enormously over the last few days… you can find me there at

One reply on “One blog to rule them all”

I feel like Barbarino (“I’m so confused”) – will your blog appear here, WordPress, or on Substack and if Substack how do we find it because the only listing under your name is for the aviation blog…


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