Coffee O’Clock

It’s been a day – and that’s all I want to say about that. The washing machine has done several loads, the kitchen has been turned into a laundromat, and work is as crazy as you might imagine while trying to work on multiple projects simultaneously.

Working from home isn’t what I expected. Although I suppose it is, if I put my cynical hat on. When I started I imagined hanging out in the study / junk room all day, noodling over work projects, taking calls and so on. What I hadn’t figured in was an almost endless round of chores eating up every spare minute when I’m not over-run with work. Washing dishes, washing clothes, picking up after the rest of the family – or rather, figuring what I can pick up, and what I dare not because there’s a reason this pile of stuff has been left here, or that pile of stuff has been left there, or the other pile of stuff is over there (there are many, many piles of stuff).

The junk room has become my bolt-hole. It’s a little less cluttered than some of the rest of the house, and has proved a salvation of sorts while working. I just need to get better at shutting the door and NOT doing chores during the day. I guess that means saying goodbye to evenings though. We’ll see.

In other news, Amazon exceeded expectations this weekend and delivered everything we had ordered. It was all “predicted” for today and tomorrow, but arrived through the weekend. I’m guessing they must have had some sort of “black friday” estimates going on which were wrong. So I’m not the proud owner of a massively reduced tablet. Of course then I realised I should get a slip cover for it – which is predicted for delivery mid-week. I won’t be so surprised now if it arrives tomorrow.

This afternoon a gas heating engineer arrived to check a fault on our central heating system – it started throwing errors a few days ago. Of course it’s behaving itself today, which is typical. While here he up-sold a visit by a surveyor to look at replacing the main unit. A couple of hours I don’t really have to talk about something we’re not going to buy.


Back to work. Onwards and upwards I suppose.

Oh look – it’s coffee o’clock.

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