The Imaginary Astronaut Escapade

I threw some photos of myself at an “artificially intelligent” application earlier today, and it resulted in the most surreal few minutes of my life – as I watched all manner of scenes that never happened arrive in my mobile phone.

I showed the above photo to my daughter, and rather than counter with the usual look of disdain that anything I suggest might conjure, she actually took interest – before running off to gather some photos of herself to throw at it.

We’re still waiting on the results.

I’ve been joking with a close friend about updating my LinkedIn profile to include “ex astronaut”.

In other news, I woke up this morning with the strangest urge to reach out to friends I’ve lost touch with over the last couple of years. If you read this, and receive an email from me – at least now you’ll know why. I’ve been writing emails for the last little while – and it’s HARD. When you’ve not heard from somebody for a long time, it’s so awkward to get the conversation started.

“Hi – remember me – used to be your friend?”

It’s not that we’re not friends any more though – it’s kind of like John Lennon wrote – “life is what happens while you’re making other plans”.


Coffee. I need coffee. Any hot drink really. It’s freezing outside. I’m contemplating wrapping up like an Eskimo and going on a mission to the corner-shop to buy cake. I’ve already been once today though – to buy milk. If I return again they will wonder what on earth I’m up to. This is of course predicated on anybody taking any notice of anyone else (which I suspect they don’t).

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