Brave New World

It turns out I can sit on my hands for roughly 48 hours. That’s how long it took the thought of building a better blogging castle to ferment, and grow into a crusade of sorts. Probably more escapade than crusade, but crusade sounds more lofty, noble, and suitably eccentric.

This isn’t my first rodeo. And that’s not my first questionable idiom either.

While the rest of the world were watching forgettable television shows earlier I was racing through old blog posts, choosing stock images to brighten them up. I’m pretty sure a robot with little or no artificial intelligence could make better choices, but there’s something about starting over.

One of my co-workers maintains that the building, installing, and configuring is the fun bit – once a “thing” is built, interest in it falls away. I tend to agree with him. You see it all the time among the productivity lunatic brigade – re-arranging their cheese between Notion, Obsidian, Remnote and Logseq while writing breathlessly and endlessly about the latest, greatest way to build a “second brain”.

My “second brain” lives in a paper bullet-journal that lives on my desk throughout the day. I often forget to write things in it, which defeats it’s purpose – but it remembers the things I do write down – and that helps more than me forgetting.

It seems each person finds their own way to use a Bullet Journal. If you drink the Ryder Carroll kool-aid your entire life might be filled with neat lists of things to do, appointments, meetings, tasks, and so on. I just record what I’m hoping to do at the beginning of each day, and what actually happened at the end of the day – primarily so I can falsify my timesheets somewhat accurately.

Anyway. Enough navel gazing.

Welcome to the new blog. Or new, old blog. As I wrote – I’ve been here before. I’ll be here again. For now, this will do.

p.s. if you’ve not subscribed yet, I really think you should. You’ll like it. Promise.

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