The system that never existed

Have you ever invented something without inventing it? Have you ever designed a hugely complex solution to something, without designing a huge complicated solution for something? I have. I did it last night. And I can’t remember anything about it.

All I remember about the dream was unfolding a schematic on the floor to show my boss. I remember the vague shape of the user interface of the computer system I was going to be working on, but nothing in detail. We talked at length about the system being scalable and extensible. He told me there had been a lot of wider interest, with many other companies wanting to see the solution when it reached alpha.

And yet I can’t remember what it was, what it did, or what it looked like.

While explaining, it all made sense. It was elegant, logical, beautiful even. And I can’t remember anything more than those feelings.

I do remember odd dream-like-shenanigans surrounding it though – the schematic (a huge piece of paper folded twice) kept folding itself back up. Every time we looked away, it neatly folded itself. We laughed about it, and unfolded it without questioning why or how.

Have you ever had a dream like that?

In other news, my youngest daughter (Miss 17) went to a birthday party last night – one of her school friends has just turned 18. Her first “adult” party. I think there was perhaps 5% of me that worried – mostly about boys – the unknown for her. Not really “boys” in general – just the odd bad apple that will have a pocket full of narcotics, will be spiking drinks, and will tell anybody whatever they want to hear.

She returned in one piece.

My first words when she took her coat off – “any drama?”

“Oh yes.” (she stopped at the foot of the stairs to address us)

“(redacted) stormed out of the party because (redacted) was talking to (redacted) even though (redacted) is going out with (redacted), and (redacted) was at the party. She does it all the time.”

Oh to be 18 again.

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