Far from the madding crowd

It’s been a strange sort of day. While the rest of the world went about their very important business I knocked around at home. Yes, I was working – but I was also doing washing, tidying the kitchen up, clearing the lounge up, going emergency shopping for a sick daughter, and generally spinning too many plates at once.

There’s a saying, isn’t there – about nature abhoring a vaccum. I thought I was going to have a quiet day. A day to sort out notes and plans for the months ahead. A day to figure out if I was really going to walk away from three years of recording each day in a bullet journal.

In-between washing things, putting things away, tidying things, and working on things, I started to wonder what the rest of the world might be up to – and then started to think too much about me being stuck here, and them being out there, and the rest of the world getting on with getting on, and me being left behind, and… and… you get the idea.

The stupid thing? I would rather not be involved in the mayhem that seems to surround so many others.

I tend to be quite happy – thank you very much – being the quiet guy at the back that nobody notices. While so others are putting their best or bravest foot forward, I’ll watch from a distance – and sometimes wish that one day I might be as brave.

Perhaps that’s why I sit out here on my blogging island – far from the madding crowd – to avoid the vanguard of brave idiots. Wouldn’t it be nice to be noticed just the once though? To not be a bit-part in a wider story?

At a gathering recently somebody I know well caught me in a quiet moment and asked if I was ok. I murmered something evasive about somebody I cared about having a difficult time, and a hand gently wrapped around mine.

“The world needs more people like you.”

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