Lost and Found

I am perhaps the most rational, pragmatic, sensible person I know. I am also eccentric, whistful, romantic, and quite the explorer of rabbit holes and daydreams.

Perhaps that duality present in me says something about balance in the universe.

Ah, the universe. The vast machinery of anything and everything that dictates bread landing butter side down, the absence of clean teaspoons, and the endless  stream of non-player-characters that appear whenever I approach a road junction on foot.

In every-day life I don’t think too much about the universe. And then sometimes, something happens, and I scratch my head – not quite knowing if I would like to know, or want to know.

A few weeks ago an old friend cropped up in my thoughts. A friend I had not heard from in some time. As is usual in daily life, one thing after another got stacked on top of those thoughts, and they were forgotten. Not lost – just forgotten.

While noodling around with my mobile phone earlier today I fell through a door I was unaware of – that led to a list of messages the machinery of the universe had placed carefully to one side. Among the messages from spammers, scammers and identity thieves, one shone out like the Arkenstone.

The forgotten friend had been there all along.

Tolkien wrote about losing things that should not have been forgotten in a rather famous book, didn’t he. His words came to mind as I opened the message, began reading, and smiled.

So yes. I wonder about the universe sometimes. About the machinery, about nothing really being lost, and about coincidences.

That day. The day my friend crossed my mind? That was the day they wrote to me.

And people say that romance is dead. They’re looking in the wrong places.

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