Today was challenging – for all sorts of reasons. Hopefully you’ll understand why I cannot and will never share any frustrations related to my work. Let’s just say that the level of dysfunction that some people seem to orchestrate is a constant source of surprise and wonderment.

Suffice to say, I went for a run at lunchtime.

I think going for a run was as much to do with escaping the house this time, rather than any nasty whispers in my ear about getting off my unfit arse. I pulled on some shoes and shorts, and followed the same route I’ve been doing recently. Nearly five kilometres of running and walking. Next time I’m going to reduce the walking a bit and see how I go.

The afternoon was a mirror of the morning, so I consoled myself with coffee, filling the washing machine and folding clothes while waiting for the kettle to boil. It’s amazing how many chores you can get done if you drink enough coffee.

I dropped in on a couple of friends via the wonders of the internet later in the afternoon, but sensed they were as busy and/or hassled as me. Isn’t the world rubbish sometimes?

Perhaps this is the universe’s way of telling me to go read a book, or watch a movie. Escape into somebody else’s world for a while.

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