The clock is ticking relentlessly towards 1am. I’m sitting in the dark of the junk room, writing something rather than nothing after missing several days in a row. I often struggle with the idea that nothing might be something, depending on your perspective. I often feel I have little to share.

I once saw a cartoon of a man sitting alone at a computer, typing “I have nothing to say, but that’s not going to stop me saying it”.

It’s been a long few days. I’m not entirely sure why. I ended up staying up until the early hours last night tinkering with something – and then got to about 10pm this evening with the thought “I should really go catch up on some sleep”. Of course now it’s nearly 1am. Where did those three hours go?

Where does time go?

If we could wind the clock back and watch ourselves from the outside – from a third person perspective – I wonder what we might think? I tend to think doing nothing really does have value though. While you’re tinkering, exploring ideas, reading, watching, or scrolling content, you’re kind of helping yourself to switch off from the bigger stuff. Distracting yourself. Maybe.

At least, I think that’s what I might be doing. Hiding. Escaping. Ignoring.

I think we all need escape sometimes. I know I do. I grew up at just the right time to experience the whole “blogging” thing on the internet – the birth of the first version of any sort of social internet. Back then the internet was filled with disparate strangers, reaching out to each other and inventing ways of connecting, and forging bonds with each other.

I love the friendships I have made – both near and far. I love that we can jump down the rabbit hole from time to time and find each other. Sometimes we don’t even need to say very much – just knowing we are there is enough.

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