Never Say Never

Towards the end of last year I retreated somewhat from the wider social internet – untangling myself from the likes of Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress, and Instagram. During the hiatus, I explored some of the increasingly popular federated platforms a little, but ultimately kept much of the internet at the end of a very long stick.

I find it all too easy to lose myself in the circular game of posting, reading, liking, commenting, following, and so on – and tend to lose sight of why I am here in the first place.

I love writing.

I’ve always loved writing, and the internet has provided a straightforward means of sharing my words with the world. It therefore seems somewhat counter-intuitive to exclude myself from the places I have forged friendships in the past.

This morning I have somewhat tentatively re-connected with WordPress and Tumblr – to share my words within their worlds once more. I’m not entirely sure it’s a good idea yet, but it seems like the right thing to do.

Time will tell.

10 replies on “Never Say Never”

I applaud you, Jonathan, for taking a social media hiatus. That is a difficult thing to do, much like giving up the microwave or TV for an extended period. I recently exited Twitter and haven’t looked back a bit. As for Facebook and WordPress, I can’t give them up because I need to keep connections with friends I don’t see often (or rarely) and I also love to write. Welcome back and I hope you’ll at least stay here and keep writing.

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psst – I never really stopped writing – I just stopped posting to WordPress and Tumblr. The interesting thing? It worked – I picked up readers that have nothing to do with their walled gardens – that are just normal people, out there on the internet, reading 🙂

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I’ve done the same thing, take a break from social media…not that I use any of them a whole lot. WordPress is my main go to for my writing, photography and occasional music creations. I think taking a break is a great idea…to think of it I think a vacation from this overdue for me as well.

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Walking away from everything worked wonders. There was suddenly no pressure to write – just to write when I felt like it. Strangely, I started writing almost every day again as a result.

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