Unexpected Idiocy

Today was interesting, in the way that a magician pulling a rhinoceros from a hat instead of a rabbit might be interesting – not least if the magician had been expecting a rabbit too.

If this all sounds very vague, it’s because it is – I don’t tend to write about work if I can help it. Let’s just say the last few days before my holiday are now going to be a flat out sprint, rather than a purposeful walk and leave it at that.

I took my middle daughter out for lunch today – we visited the cafe where my eldest daughter works. In the event I was served by her – my daughter – and smiled as she put together a bacon, lettuce and tomato baguette for me. My other daughter had turkey, sausage and cranberry sauce.

Somehow the lunch conversation turned to my YouTube escapades, and my daughter realised that I might one day earn a silver trophy. I’ll never forget the silly grin on her face. YouTube has been a huge part of her life.


I should sleep. I need to hit the ground running in the morning.

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