And exhale

You know the vague blog post I wrote late last night about magicians pulling rhinocerouses from hats? Not happening. Apparently the universe was playing a bit of a joke on me – the sort of joke that ends up with you sitting in bed, coming to terms with several days of blind panic rather than sleeping soundly.

After a night coming to terms with total and utter mayhem today, tomorrow and on Monday, and getting up full of purpose and strategy this morning, an enormous anchor has been thrown into the conversation.

I think perhaps I have some lessons to learn about saying no. Some lessons around setting expectations, and holding others to account. It’s too easy to be seen as the person that can always be relied on to walk on water, pull charred remains from a fire (and resurrect them), or otherwise achieve the seemingly impossible.

There have been too many times recently when an unrealistic goal has been proposed when instead of voicing opposition I have immediately started figuring out how to achieve it.

In other news, somebody rather lovely told me today that I didn’t look like I was nearly 50. Kind of made my day – especially as I hadn’t had a shave and probably looked a bit like a caveman.

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