The Koninklijk Paleis

After yesterday’s epic treck around Amsterdam, we slowed down a little, and only booked one destination for the day – the Koninklijk Paleis – the Royal Palace.

I love history, art, and sculpture, so visiting the Koninklijk Paleis ticked all sorts of boxes for me. I took more photos than I’m willing to admit of the various paintings, statues, and sculptures adoring the various halls and corridors.

The history of the place is interesting – originally built as a town hall, and then taken on by first Napolean after he installed his cousin as regent, and then the current ruling family.

I think perhaps the most interesting thing – for me – is how the ruling family have abdicated through each generation, passing on the baton instead of dying while still holding the crown.

After both admitting to being “cultured out”, we wandered off into Amsterdam, and found a cafe for lunch looking out over a busy square. It’s funny how when you least expect it, a cafe or restaurant will surprise you. The place didn’t look that great, but it was really busy – always a good sign.

The food was amazing. We had only intended on getting a drink and something quick to eat, but ended up staying for an hour and buying another drink while watching the world go by.

On the way back to the hotel we finally gave in to the endless tourist shops and picked a few bits and pieces up for the children – obviously I can’t divulge anything because it will ruin the surprise for them.

This evening we’re headed out in a couple of hours for a meal at a nepalese restaurant not far from the hotel – and then on to some of the bars in the nearby Rembrandtplein area. A night “out out” – enjoying the various bars and live music the city has to offer.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I think some pre-dinner drinks might be in order…  

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