Home again

We got home late last night. The train journey home seemed to go on forever, and then the car we had booked to meet us at the station got stuck in traffic. Still – we got to see perhaps my favourite sculpture – the couple at the end of the platforms at St.Pancras. It stands about three stories tall, and is far more impressive up-close than in photographs. The stock image attached to this post doesn’t look anything like as dramatic as it looked lit by spotlights last night.

I wanted to take a photo, but we were stuck in the middle of a sea of pushy, rude, obnoxious passengers that seemed intent on climbing over each other to reach the exit of the station first.

Arriving home at about 10pm, my children greeted me with cheers and hugs – and guided me towards the lounge, which they had decorated with balloons and streamers. A pile of unexpected presents waited on the coffee table.

While I unwrapped their presents, we also gave out the souvenirs we had brought home from our travels. We ordered pizza, and shared stories of the last few days well into the night.

This morning I asked our youngest daughter if she had missed us.


I broke into the biggest grin, and so did she – despite her best efforts to look disinterested.

Today the washing machine is running, the dishwasher is on overtime, but by and large there isn’t that much to do. Wonders will never cease.

I appear to have picked up a cold during our adventures, but other than that, the world continues to turn. I wonder what the coming days will bring?

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