Busy Plans

While sitting at the dinner table this evening our youngest daughter came up with best excuse I’ve ever heard for why she couldn’t help her sisters with something:

“I’ve got busy plans”

It’s perhaps worth pointing out that she goes to a special school – and that while she may not communicate quite as correctly as you or I, she often gets her point across far more directly and inventively.

When she was little, she often amused us by repeating words to increase their effectiveness:

“I never, and never, and never get to go on the computer”

Busy plans though. That’s top drawer. I can’t wait to use it on her in retaliation. The next time she asks me for something, I’m going to claim it – kind of like the pirate “parley” code.


I really have been making busy plans today. After meetings all morning, and all manner of exploratory digging around all afternoon, I find myself at the helm of much of the social media content output by the company I work for.

I spent much of the morning in a local coffee shop walking a co-worker through the various social media platforms, and the ones we might use to our advantage. The end result is I’m being scheduled time to write – rather than try to fit it around my normal work. Who want’s to bet that writing will lose most of it’s luster, now I’m being paid to do it – rather than doing it of my own volition?

p.s. I started using Obsidian again (Obsidian is a bit like Fight Club – if you don’t know what it is, I’m not about to tell you).

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