Sunday in Cornwall

If you’ve not been reading in recent days, I’m in the south-west of England at the moment – visiting my parents for a long weekend.

You may recall I wrote about getting involved in “flight simulation” during the pandemic – pretending to fly all manner of aircraft all over the world within the imaginary world of the internet and sharing my exploits online. That’s why I’m really here. My Dad is a member of a club – that come together once a month to share their imaginary aviation exploits – and I had never met anybody else in the “real world” engaged in the same hobby. That changed today.

It was kind of lovely – although also awkward. While I’ll never be happy “being the centre of attention”, it was wonderful to be reminded that so many kind, approachable, talkative, and welcoming people still exist in the “real world”. After spending so long (three years?) communicating both professionally and personally through the internet, being able to shake hands, smile, and laugh at each other’s stories was kind of wonderful.

My Mum has regressed twenty years. While I write this she is busy making roast dinner, and refusing all requests to help. She will no doubt stack three meals worth of food on my plate, and I will no doubt eat it all rather than face the conversation where she asks what’s wrong with it.

It’s been good though. A few days away. After facing all sorts of professional pressures in recent months, it’s been good to hit a reset button of sorts and just “be”. Of course I feel guilty leaving my other half behind at home.

I head home tomorrow. Another mammoth train journey across the country.

In the morning I’ll walk down to the sea (if the weather allows). It’s about a three mile circular walk to get there and back – down and up a pretty steep hill. A last few moments of sea air, and quiet before returning towards London, noise, responsibility, expectation, and obligation.

My lovely Californian cousin kept me company on the way down – messaging back and forth to distract from a really rather disastrous journey. I wonder if she will step up tomorrow too?

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