The Long Journey Home

It’s Monday afternoon and you find me on the train – sitting at Plymouth station, in the south west of England. We’ll be leaving in a few minutes – heading towards London, and home. Before getting there I have two more trains to connect with – this is the second. Fingers crossed.

(a few minutes pass, and we begin thundering across the countryside)

My cousin from California has now appeared within my phone, and is busy distracting me in the way only she knows how. Quite how I’m going to help her solve her most recent dating dilemma is anybody’s guess.

I could do with getting something to eat. I was planning on grabbing something at Plymouth, but the train was already waiting. I had a couple of slices of toast at breakfast time, but now it’s early afternoon and I’m starving. First world problems and all that.

If happy coincidence is a thing, it just happened. The catering trolley just came past. I bought the most expensive sandwich in the known universe, and perhaps the worst instant coffee in the known multiverse (I’m guessing a multiverse is bigger than a universe?). It’s really quite spectacularly bad.

It will keep me going until I get home at least.

We’ve just pulled into Exeter St Davids railway station. Onwards to Tiverton and Taunton before my next change at Reading.

Getting there slowly.

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