Who knows?

I used to write almost every day. I’m not quite sure what happened. Perhaps life happened. It’s a funny thing – life – isn’t it. John Lennon is famously supposed to have said “life is what happens while you’re making other plans”. I think he was probably right.

I’m never definite about anything any more. Everything is probably, or might, or possible, or maybe. Never definitely. Nothing ever is – it always might be.

Not having an opinion or an answer is another way of putting off making a decision until tomorrow. One of my friends made me laugh one day – talking about debts.

Let’s call him Jim (not his real name). Jim maintained that things he might buy today that he cannot afford are not his problem at all – they are a problem for “future Jim”. He then paused thoughtfully, before confidently stating “f*ck that guy”.

I sometimes wish I was a bit more carefree – a bit less thoughtful – that I worried less – that I worried about what others think a little less. I guess we are the way we are though – and trying to be any different would change that somehow – and most people would look straight through any sort of act (or at least the people I count as friends would – or I would at least like to think so) and wonder why we’re behaving strangely.


What was this post going to be about? Perhaps it wasn’t going to be about anything. Or maybe it was. Who knows (said in my best Tom Baker conspiratorial whisper, while tapping the side of my nose with my finger).

Who knows indeed.

4 replies on “Who knows?”

My first drafts of any document are always peppered with “perhaps”, “possibly”, “maybe” and other such words. I have been like this for a long time.
Then I revise and remove some of them, adding justifications for the actual assertions if they are not obvious.
The remaining uncertainties are beacons to invite the reader to question further.
It is useful to question what you want to put into the reader’s mind.

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