Coffee O’Clock

While busy minding my own business yesterday evening, an email arrived in my in-box notifying me that “Substack Notes” had been unleashed on the world. I had read about it a couple of days previously – apparently Elon Musk had something of a hissy fit – making noises about banning any mention of it from Twitter (you know, in the same way he had a hissy fit about Mastodon a couple of months ago).

If you’ve not looked at it yet, Substack Notes is a bit like Twitter – but curiously not completely public (yet). Notes is essentially a “back channel” for shorter form posts. It’s NOT a Twitter alternative – although many writers might see it as such. You have to visit an author’s profile, or join in the mayhem yourself for it to make much sense.

I watched the BBC interview with Elon this morning. Love him or hate him, he tends to make a lot of sense. Of course lots of people will disagree with common sense because they always do.

I find it interesting how the various social internet platforms slowly converge on each other’s functionality – re-inventing the wheel endlessly to solve the same problems.


I’m burning through my lunchtime writing this. It’s a cold, rainy day outside. Our youngest is off school this week – Easter holidays. She’s been sick for the past few days. She claims a stomach bug. I claim the enormous quantities of energy drinks she has consumed recently. Perhaps it’s something of a “growing up” moment – realising your body can’t live on a diet of chocolate, haribo, and energy drinks any more.

Middle daughter was supposed to go to a “boot camp” early this morning – part of her attempts to improve her fitness and lose some weight. She didn’t get up. She’s claiming her sister’s stomach bug, but has sat in the lounge bingeing Netflix in her pajamas for the last several hours.

Eldest daughter still hasn’t surfaced. She appeared yesterday at about 1pm. I wonder if she will repeat that feat? I wonder how many hours you can get away with sleeping each day if unchecked?

I tell a lie – she just surfaced long enough to let her sister down on all of the plans they agreed upon last night. Sisters.

I just noticed the clock in the corner of the study has stopped ticking. Time to find some batteries for it, I guess. And time to put the kettle on. It’s got to be coffee o’clock, hasn’t it ?

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