After Midnight

Returning to WordPress and resurrecting my old domain name feels like pulling on a set of comfortable old clothes. It’s very strange.

Over the days and weeks ahead I’ll try to empty my head into the keyboard a little more often. Tell stories. Share thoughts.

It’s funny really – so many people have a niche, or a subject, or a target audience. I have never done that – I’ve always just written whatever came to mind while typing. I’m doing it right now.

I think it helps me, in a strange sort of way – this head emptying. It helps to organise my thoughts. To rationalise. It takes the edge off concerns, dulls the barbs, and flattens the bumps that life throws at me.

It’s somehow 1:30am already. I should be in bed. Instead I’m here – quietly tapping away at the keyboard in the dark.

The words only seem to arrive after midnight at the moment. I wonder why that is?

5 replies on “After Midnight”

And that’s why I enjoy your blog so much. A window into your every day life and mind. I’ve been at this for 20-some years and I’ve never had a theme, I write whatever crosses my mind or my catches my attention – sometimes very personal, sometimes just a crazy rant about something that bugs me. But looking back there is a theme, just not one easily identifiable or quantifiable.

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Best compliment in quite some time 🙂 I wish I wasn’t such a night owl sometimes. The crazy thing? I’m good at getting up early too. I think I read somewhere that Winston Churchill was the same way – up early, to bed late.

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