Daytime Television and Chilli

Daytime Television and Chilli
Photo by Artur Kornakov / Unsplash

Daytime television is a strange sort of placatory drug – that teaches nothing while acting as the vehicle for an avalanche of advertisements about life insurance, pensions, and healthcare.

This morning I defrosted the freezer in the garage so my parents can order frozen meals to get them through the next several months without having to worry about cooking. There is a company we have used at home when pushed that deliver good quality frozen food. It turns out they can deliver to my parents house. Huge win.

I’ll write more later – I need to start thinking about making dinner. My Dad has a pretty strict routine with the various tablets he is taking, so I’m having to work around that with meal times. I’m making chilli tonight.

(An hour passes while I go on a magical mystery tour through the cupboards to find long grain rice – it turns out my Mum has no system at all for storing things, but knows exactly where things SHOULDN’T go – and she doesn’t mind telling you).

Dinner is done! Everybody clean plated again, so I must have got something right. We have enough left over to make baked potatoes with chilli later in the week. Apparently tomorrow night we’re ordering something to be delivered. I wonder how I can ensure that whatever gets delivered is at least a little healthy?

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m on call to make another cup of tea before finding somewhere quiet to sit down with my book.