Exiting Bloganuary

Exiting Bloganuary
Photo by Michael Jasmund / Unsplash

After consistently responding to writing prompts for twenty two days, I’m stepping away from the Bloganuary writing challenge today. Life and other commitments are stacking up around me – it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find time for it.

I also miss writing about life in general. This blog has always been the story of “me” – the daily hum-drum thoughts, stories, ideas and happenings. Responding to writing prompts makes it all a little bit abstract and detached.


It’s Monday morning, heading towards lunchtime at the time of writing, and you find me sitting in the dark of the junk room in front of my work computer, having a coffee break. A jazz cafe playlist is playing on the big speaker in the window via the wonders of Bluetooth. The bullet journal sits alongside me, scribbled with the morning’s meetings.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned recently – I’ve been plugging away at building a presence on Youtube in recent months – recording videos late at night with a flight simulator to help others. It’s become popular enough to qualify for monetisation, and proven to be more profitable than writing – which I suppose is no surprise, given the ease of watching a Youtube video versus reading a lengthy article at the likes of Medium. The revenue generating tail of videos also appears to be enormously long. Who knew?

I have another meeting in a few minutes – time to draw this post to a close. I’ll try to catch up with the blogs I (try to) follow in the coming days.