Leftovers for Lunch

Leftovers for Lunch
Photo by Keriliwi / Unsplash

Of course I’m really here to make life easier for my Mum. Dad has slept a lot each day so far – no doubt the result of the cocktail of drugs he is on. He’s getting better each day though – little by little. This evening we are ordering food in for the first time this week – essentially me letting my parents off the hook before I cook again tomorrow.

For lunch I re-heated the leftover bolognese from earlier in the week. I think pasta meals always taste better the next day – the sauce thickens up and becomes proper comfort food.

It’s very strange – being out of the loop with the rest of my life going on several hundred miles away. Even though I’ve worked from home – via the internet – for the last couple of years, I have still been in a busy household with my daughters coming and going, or heading into town running errands most days. My parents live a much more secluded life – away from nearby towns, and rarely visiting them. I’m not sure I could ever get used to it.

Earlier today I looked in on my work email account to make sure I’m not needed for anything too urgent. Later this afternoon I’m joining an online meeting with my daughter’s college teacher to find out how well she’s doing. It feels like reaching out to normality.