Mr Covid comes to visit

Mr Covid comes to visit
Photo by Kristine Wook / Unsplash

My other half tested positive for COVID19 this evening. She has had cold symptoms for the last several days. How typical is that? She works in a school – she has been testing several times a week for the last several years, we get to a holiday, and bang – first day of the holiday, positive.

Our youngest’s birthday trip to Thorpe Park is now delayed. Her sleepover with friends now isn’t happening. Our middle girl’s new part-time job might be over before it begins… the dominos are falling fast.

We have a huge stack of test kits at home – I’m guessing we’re going to go through them at a rate of knots now. The rest of us tested negative this evening, and my other half is now quarantined in the bedroom. She’s already turned it into a knitting nest, with Netflix playing on her laptop.

I cleaned the kitchen and lounge down after she retreated earlier. I also retrieved a sleeping bag from the loft – I’m on the sofa for the next few days.

I’m going grocery shopping first thing in the morning – before I test positive. While we’re technically not required to self isolate any more, it would seem tremendously unfair to go about normal life, knowing you’re spreading the virus.

I’m reminded of Japan, where people have protected those around them from coughs and colds for decades. Don’t get me started about the rabid antivaxxers who believe it’s their right to do what they want, where they want, whenever they want. They’re up there with the most pious in thanking this, that, or the other for their continued good health – until they get ill, and immediately seek the fruits of the last few hundred years of scientific research.


Thankyou, scientists. Thankyou for reducing a potentially deadly disease to a runny nose, and a few aches and pains.

Looks like we’re going to have a very quiet Easter.

p.s. my other half is already using the Amazon Echo network around the house to call for room service. It was funny the first time