New Year's Day

New Year's Day
Photo by Tim Foster / Unsplash

It's mid afternoon on New Year's Day, and I'm piecing together the events of the night before in my head - smiling as each moment comes into focus - each friend, each smile, each laugh, each hug.

While wandering home in the early hours with a close friend, tip-toeing around puddles reflecting the last of the Christmas lights, we found ourselves reflecting on the last several years.

We are all changed in different ways.

I can't help feeling that a refactoring has happend - a calibration of that which is important. It was long overdue.

For years I have railed against the walled gardens of the internet, and the behaviours they encourage. The advertorial highlight reel of fake lives, constructed moments and selective memories.

I have come to realise it's not about what you have, where you've been, or the rewards you have accrued. It's about each other. It's about the comfort of a hug, a proper smile, a tear on a cheek, a warm hand on a cold day and finding each other in a crowd.

It's about the people that make your world a better place.