Normality Resumes

Normality Resumes
Photo by Simon Abrams / Unsplash

I returned to work today. Or rather I cleared the chores, had a shower, helped our youngest with feeding animals at a neighbours house, and then sat at the same desk I’ve been sitting at for the last week – just with a different computer in front of me.

The routine of work was a pleasant change after the last week rattling around the house finding things to do.

My other half return to the school office (it’s still the school holidays – there was paperwork to do). When she returned home she was shattered. It’s going to take time for her to fully recover from COVID.

After finishing work this evening I walked into town to get groceries, then returned, cooked, and washed up. Later this evening I took part in a damn fool escapade on the internet with some of my Dad’s friends – or rather, I tried to.

At the moment if I go anywhere near anybody else with a computer, they start asking me why their computer does this, or why their computer does that. The answer is invariably “because you did something to it, that caused it to do that” – but by the time that conclusion is arrived at, I’ve pretty much thrown away the reason I was there in the first place.

It’s frustrating, and makes me want to either climb in a hole, or always claim ignorance when anything to do with technology comes up in conversation.

It must be a similar experience for plumbers and electricians. “Oh, can you have a look at my radiator?”, or “can you look at this light switch?”


It’s already late, and I’m about to go get a decent night’s sleep in my bed – rather than the sofa. If I get sick over the next few days I’m not going to be happy.