Dead on my Feet

After pulling a late nighter working on my website last night, finally getting to bed at about 2:30, the tiredness has really hit me this afternoon. It’s like somebody has suddenly hung very heavy things off my eyelids or something. The ThoughtCafe website appears to be doing quite well (shocking!). I sent the newsletter out … Continue reading Dead on my Feet

Forging Ahead with TC

After a week of concentrated effort, the new ThoughtCafe site code is becoming more stable, and the bugs are falling out as I work on it. It’s nice to finally be working on a running project with Linux, MySQL and PHP. The difference in stability and performance over Windows cannot be measured – we were … Continue reading Forging Ahead with TC

Tired and Bored

If anybody that reads this is wondering why there is such a huge gap between entries, it’s because I’ve just been so damn busy! I’ve just completed the principal development work for a contract at work, and need to test it thoroughly this afternoon (booooring). I’ve been working on it since just before Christmas, and … Continue reading Tired and Bored

Another Monday

It’s another Monday and I’m back at work after a week off enjoying time at home decorating and working on the new ThoughtCafe website. Somehow nothing managed to happen while I was away, and the one call I had to resolve was very quick indeed. Ho hum. I did find out though that I’m travelling … Continue reading Another Monday

I hate smoking…

It’s been a funny kind of day today so far – I got up a bit later than normal and got a lift into work with my infinitely superior other half (IndyChick), then figured out that the stuff I had been scared about starting was nowhere near as bad as I had originally thought (yes … Continue reading I hate smoking…

Bored at my Desk

It’s the day after “New Years Day”, and I’m back at work. I can’t say I’m thrilled to be here, but at least the stuff I am working on is going fine. I’ve been picking at this BLOG site inbetween doing my real work all morning – stealing things from my previous blog (which will … Continue reading Bored at my Desk

First "Real" Entry…

I suppose “technically” I have missed posting an entry into this online diary for the first of January, because it took longer than 40 minutes to get the initial pieces of the PHP code working. What I now have is technically okay though, so I’ll slowly add to it over the coming weeks (when I … Continue reading First "Real" Entry…