Home with a Cold

Today I am sat at home with a pretty horrid cold… one of the people I work with brought it in, and somehow I managed to catch it. I must hold the world record at the moment for catching bad colds – I’ve probably had about ten in the last year! I knew I was … Continue reading Home with a Cold

Abandonware Rules

When I got up this morning I really didn’t want to go to work. I was up at 7am, and sat watching breakfast television for a while. Eventually I gave myself a kick up the backside and got ready for work, but only really because I knew I would get into trouble if I stayed … Continue reading Abandonware Rules

Exploiting Vote Systems

Is it time to own up to the Diarist exploit that’s put me on top of the referrals list? It’s worth mentioning that this diary entry is not advocating that anbody else try this – I am informing the diarist.net people of the weakness in their system, and will be helping them fix it. Normally … Continue reading Exploiting Vote Systems

Wiped Out

I’m guessing that the people who lived here before wanted their garage base to survive a tactical nuclear strike. For the last two days myself, my other half and my brother-in-law have been removing a concrete garage that the previous owners of our house built in the back garden. (I now have muscles on muscles) … Continue reading Wiped Out

Indian Restaurant

We went to the “Tiger Garden” indian restaurant in town last night – my Aunt from America was staying over before flying home, so took us out for something to eat 🙂 As per usual I ate enough for a small african nation, but then I did skip lunch (work has been slightly mental – … Continue reading Indian Restaurant

No More Food

We went out for dinner last night with some friends to a local pub that has started doing a “curry night”. We arrived at about half past seven, to find that the place was absolutely packed to the rafters – and then discovered when we went to order our food a few minutes later that … Continue reading No More Food

Strange Week

On Wednesday this week, myself and my father-in-law went on a “Hawk Flying Experience” day at the Andover Hawk Conservancy (www.hawk-conservancy.org). The day started at 10 with a talk from our tutors for the day (a Falconer and an assistant), then we were straight into the handling and flying of the birds… Throughout the day … Continue reading Strange Week

Back in the Office

I am back working in the office today, after a couple of days working in Swindon. The one great thing that I got out of the last couple of days was reading “Hackers” by Stephen Levy while commuting back and forth from the client site. Hackers is a great book (although more often than not … Continue reading Back in the Office

Trains and Trucks

For the last two days I have been working on-site at Swindon – about an hour and a half journey by train. I’m pretty happy because the stuff I was working on turned out to be pretty straightforward, and I was able to use a chunk of programming I developed a couple of years ago … Continue reading Trains and Trucks