One Hell of a Week

This week has been like walking in treacle… whatever that might feel like!? On Monday I was 30 years old. We went to London for the day because I have always wanted to visit the British Museum. It was a fantastic day out – first stop in the morning was the Tate Modern (gallery), which … Continue reading One Hell of a Week

Emulators Rule (Today)

Last night I installed ZSNES and KEGA on the laptop at home (along with several hundred ROM images downloaded from alt.binaries). Oh what fun I had… well, I did once I got the USB gamepad working with the damn thing. Guess who didn’t read the instructions, and pluggedout the gamepad in before installing the drivers … Continue reading Emulators Rule (Today)

Pizza and Beer Rule

Today is a good day. Today I solved problems. I finished tasks. I walked to work in the sunshine. I ate Pizza. I drank beer. Today is indeed a good day 🙂 You know, it’s only after you’ve felt like sh*t for a few days that you realise how good it feels to be healthy … Continue reading Pizza and Beer Rule

Pausing Between Reboots

Today I am at work and I’m not really sure why. I feel like crap (I did all weekend), and can’t really concentrate properly. I had Friday off work and sat at home wondering what to do with myself, but not having any energy to get up and do anything. It’s the first time I’ve … Continue reading Pausing Between Reboots

A Rather Busy Day

Today was one of those days that started out quite quietly and got faster as the day went on. It all started with a big problem getting out of bed this morning. I swear that some little demon or other had removed all will to get up from my brain a few moments before I … Continue reading A Rather Busy Day

Drifting Along

I’m bored and trying to think of what to write. Let’s describe my desk… On the far left is a bendy lamp, and a cordless BT phone just like everybody else has. It has an answerphone on it too. Next is a CD-ROM and the left hand speaker for the main PC, then a pot … Continue reading Drifting Along

End of Another Day

It’s getting near the end of the first day of the week (and as the HR department helpfully pointed out, a fifth of the way towards the weekend). I just seem to be drifting along at the moment, not really having any interest in computers, the net or anything really. It must be the natural … Continue reading End of Another Day

Windows Free Zone

Woohoo! All the computers in the house are now running Linux… goodbye to crappy old Windows. To be honest, I have been running Windows for a few years at home (and still have to at work), but have been patiently waiting for the day when Linux would be useable as a desktop operating system (I’m … Continue reading Windows Free Zone

Sleepy Saturday

Woohoo! I cooked dinner last night and it was great (I didn’t poison indychick!!). We had Chilli, made with Quorn mince (veggie substitute – Indychick doesn’t eat meat), kidney beans, tomato puree, chopped tomatoes, onion, peppers and garlic. I got the amount of “Lazy Chillies” just about right… kind of a kick to it but … Continue reading Sleepy Saturday

It’s Valentines Day!

It’s valentines day and I was planning on leaving an hour early to pop into town and pick up some flowers and ingredients for tea… except my project manager has just veto’d that. How “jobsworth” is that? I suppose I should resist having a complete rant in case the offending idiot reads this. One lousy … Continue reading It’s Valentines Day!