750 words for Sunday 5th

The morning started at 8am with the arrival of a certain untidily blonde haired five year old appearing at the foot of our bed, and then climbing up my legs to perch atop my chest with a lunatic grin.

Sunday. One more day of weekend left before the work week begins once more. One more day of doing things that vaguely resemble things I want to do, rather than those that others want me to do. While laying there, thinking about the dread of getting up, doing chores (washing up, tidying up, letting the chickens out, washing clothes), I realised that Sunday was rapidly being wished away.

If I was following 750 words in the strictest sense, I should have written on the netbook that was perched down the side of the bed, but didn’t. Distraction arrived in the shape of our eldest daughter who arrived in her nightie to show us a video on her computer of Mr Bean at a swimming pool.

Within minutes we had all three daughters and one of the cats atop our bed. After watching the madcap antics of the youtube clip, and the youngest not understanding why Mr Bean was funny at all, “time to get up” arrived.

It’s now 11am. I’m sitting in the study, plunging these words into the keyboard with half a mind thinking “how fast can I get through this idiotic vent?”. I know it’s not a race, but it’s tempting to see how quickly it can be done - to figure out what time I might need to get up in the morning to fulfill the requirement.

It’s crafty too.

Along the top of the 750 words site is a row of tick boxes, representing the days of the month that you have completed your simple task. If you have a shred of obsessive compulsion about you, you’re going to see that row of boxes, and hold a strange comfort in seeing them get ticked off.

Why on earth do I get sucked into taking part in these damn fool crusades on the internet? This time I’m blaming long time friend Pammer, author of “Outside Voice” (http://www.outsidevoice.net) - she pointed me in the direction of the Reverb10 website last night as an impetus to write blog posts, and while browsing that I discovered 750words.

Thinking about it a little more lucidly, perhaps it’s all my own fault. I am my own worst enemy. Free, or spare time is an incredibly dangerous thing for me to have. I will invariably find all manner of crap to fill it - usually involving something creative, but not altogether useful or interesting to anybody else except myself (witness this blog post!).

While bashing these words in, I’m listening to “Ocean Eyes” by Owl City - I discovered it quite some time ago, and still love having it on in the background.

Outside the sun is shining for the first time in days, although the frost on the ground is not thawing. For those outside of the UK, we are in the depths of a cold snap - I’m not sure the ambient temperature has been above freezing point in days. I would write “above zero”, but am aware that many readers come from parts of the world that do not use Celcius, so will have no context for what that means.

Halfway through writing that last paragraph, it occurred to me that I write blog posts as if addressing an audience, and that might not be the best way to author a 750words entry. Surely the idea of 750words is to vent the detritus; the stuff you would not normally be writing - so you’re really addressing yourself.


I’ve never really thought about it before. Writing a blog IS kind of like addressing an imaginary audience, isn’t it. An audience that never talks back, and we presume is half interested in everything we have to say. Of course the truth is probably far different. I can’t imagine anybody is going to be interested with this utter crap.

In other news, I had several membership cards from LoveFilm (UK version of Netflix) posted to me yesterday, printed in such a manner that I could give them out to friends and family - affording them two months of free movies. I’m probably going to put them in with Christmas cards I can’t give them as presents, because they didn’t require any effort or cost on my part.

Would you like to get 2 months of free movies for Christmas?