The Flu Jab and the Ignorant Army

This morning at work a nurse arrived to administer a flu jab to anybody that wanted it. I wandered straight down (even though I wasn’t on the list), and after a few questions got stabbed in the shoulder.

While examining the rapidly forming bruise on my shoulder, curiousity got the better of me and I looked on the internet to find out exactly what the flu vaccine is. The top search result took me to the National Health Service page about the Seasonal Flu Jab - oh what fun lay in store!

I’m pretty certain the person who wrote the information page on the NHS website should have disabled comments - the feedback given trumps the comments you might ever find on Amazon. While reading the unintentionally entertaining crowd sourced hysteria, a number of questions formed in my mind;

Why is it always the least informed that are the most vocal ?

Why are the most ignorant the most opinionated ?

Why do so many believehere-say over professional opinion ?

I’m afraid, if given the choice, I’m going to believe a trained doctor over some person that’s spouting their mouth off on the internet. Here’s why;

A doctor spent many years working incredibly hard at medical school, has studied medicine their entire life, is a member of a huge and trusted community of professionals, and bases their guidance on decades of diligent research, development, and analysis of results.

An internet bigmouth only knows what other bigmouths have told them, and they like to repeat this innaccurately to as big an audience they can reach. They are anonymous, unaccountable, and incredibly ignorant. Penny Arcade summed their character up rather nicely several years ago in the “Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory”.

Is this the moment when I put my tin hat on, and jump behind the sandbags ?