The one where I went back to work

It’s the Thursday between Christmas and New Year, and I’m back in the office, with no specific project to work on - the age old tradition of being here “just in case”.

Christmas has been good - although the snow, ice, colds, and coughs that kept us housebound for much of it have made the children universally stir crazy.I feel most sorry for our eldest, who got roller blades, a skateboard, and the best looking skate helmet in the known universe for Christmas.She’s been looking out each day at the snow and ice, wishing it to melt; and when it finally does, where is her accomplice in outdoor lunacy? Back at work.

Did I mention that W bought me a skateboard for Christmas too ? At the first opportunity I will of course have to set the example - show the kids how it’s done. This will inevitably be followed by teaching them to call for an ambulance, and then watch as their Dad is carried away to accident and emergency at the local hospital - although in this case I might be remonstrating “this was no accident; I was amazing until that kerb appeared out of nowhere”.

In truth, my twenty year old skateboard skills extend no further than “going along on it”…

I guess it’s finally time to let the cat out of the bag - I bought two Amazon Kindles before Christmas - one for my other half, and one for me. Validation for the spend (which wasn’t actually very much - they’re not that expensive at all) was me busting my ass throughout December on freelance projects. First impressions? The Kindle is way better than I had anticipated. Party trick at the moment would be it’s webkit browser, meaning you can do ridiculous things like check your email from the book reader. Yes, the interface is a bit painful for that, but it works.

I’ve been reading “The Right Stuff” by Tom Wolfe as a first book on the Kindle. I’ve read bits and pieces of it before, but never the whole thing, and have enjoyed it tremendously so far.


Work to do. Better get on with something useful during the next couple of days.