To Kindle, or not to Kindle

Ignoring the fact that I’ve not written here for days, I keep seeing the picture of the Amazon Kindle at the top of their webpage. As much as I keep telling myself that I don’t need one, I can’t escape the fact that I would really like one.

Some random thoughts;

The Kindle is by far the best ebook reader on the market.

Amazon is by far the best online book store.

Kindle books cost far less than paper equivalents.

I wouldn’t have to wait for days to get a book.

I don’t tend to re-read books.

I have no problem with not “owning” the paper book. I got over that years ago, after having to move about a ton of books during our last house move.

The Kindle doubles up as a web browser.

The one thought that goes against the Kindle is that late next year I’ll be replacing my mobile phone - and will probably get a phone with the Kindle software onboard. Reason says that I won’t read on a smartphone though, because it will murder the battery.

What to do?

Kindle or not?