A forgettable day exposes a superpower

The desk is strewn with remnants of the day " vague clues to the recent past. A Linux magazine, a coat hangar, a lava lamp, and a stack of writeable DVDs. None of them really hints at anything though. It’s been that kind of day " the kind where lots happened, but nothing remarkable enough to warrant writing about. And yet here I am, typing away in the relative dark of the study at 11pm, with the John Mayer “Battle Studies” album quietly playing in the background. I’m wondering if I empty my head, it will be cleared for some grand idea, vision, or thought. Probably not, but it’s better than watching garbage on the television. Rather than embark on a verbose account of the day, I’ll reduce it to bullet points; Got up at 8, showered, dressed Washed up, and threw myself into the normal routine " kids breakfasts, let chickens out, clean kitchen, tidy lounge and playroom Took eldest into town to spend money that’s been burning a sizeable hole in her pocket. Bought various stationary supplies, and spent half an hour in the dressmaking shop waiting for a 200 year old shop assistant to find me 4 crochet hooks (don’t ask). Home, made lunches for everybody, watched F1 qualifying from Monaco Played with youngest for an hour (made her laugh so hard with the Playmobil stuff that I thought she might wet herself). Walked back into town with youngest this time to get food for dinner/movie night with the children. Came home with chips, pizzas, and enough fizzy drink to sink a battleship Sat down as a family and watched “Gullivers Travels”. Surprised how good it was (was expecting the worst movie in the known universe well, after “Land of the Lost” anyway) Walked to corner shop on an emergency dishwasher tablets/toilet roll mission (Little Miss 7 lost a tooth " and used an ENTIRE F*CKING ROLL to mop up half a thimble full of blood) So it wasn’t really that nothing happened today " it was a fairly typical day, as days go around here. A day spent doing things for other people. Hmmm emptying the above out of my head hasn’t really achieved anything. I suppose it might have induced a few freak attacks of narcolepsy (spontaneous sleep) though, so it’s not all bad. Perhaps that’s my superpower? Being able to bore people into a stupor