And so the blogging odyssey turns another corner

It’s Friday night, and I find myself greeting the authoring page of WordPress as one might an old friend. There have been pretenders to the crownPosterous, Bloggerand in recent days much has been written about the rise of Tumblr, its stellar traffic, leagues of members, and sea of rich content.

I know all about itI’ve been there. If you’re looking for the blogging equivalent of rapid dating, Tumblr is perfect for you. For a long time I wondered if my stay in the blogosphere might be drawing a close; was I a part of the old guard? Were the lone writers of days past dying out? Was burning the midnight oil with thoughts and ideas becoming extinct? What was this mania surrounding me, filled with “re-blogs”, attention grabbing truths, explicit nudity, angst, and blatant narcisism? What had happened to originality, exploration, decorum, wit, and personality?I became drawn into the web ever more deeply, but thankfully caught myself on the edge of the abyss. A miraculous case of pulling myself up by my own boot-straps.

At 3am one morning I got out of bed, shut down several accounts, and started again"Turning the Pedals" was born. In a repeat of recent history, I brought Posterous from the tool chest, and began writing in markdowncross-posting out across the Blogosphere for all to read, consume, and ultimately ignore.

The time since the creation of “Turning the Pedals” has been fun, but strangely empty. Existing in so many places effectively means you have nowhere to call “home”. Nowhere to put down foundations, to be found, or for far flung friends to seek you out.

So here we are. Another beginning, another continuation, and another end. I’m still writing, sharing, thinking, expounding, and polluting the internet in much the same way as I have for the past 8 years (yes, reallycheck the archives), and in much the same way that I will be next week, next month, and next year at WordPress.

The line from Ulysses comes to mind"to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield"