Blackberry Messenger

At some point in the distant past, I got rid of my second broken iPhone, and switched to Blackberry. Apart from being humungously shit at anything except messaging people, it’s been a pretty good phone. Google Sync has pretty much saved it from being thrown at the floor and stamped on.


I have this app running on my poor old Blackberry called “Blackberry Messenger” - it’s like an exclusive little club for blackberry owners, where you can message each other anywhere in the world for free. RIM like to make this sound uber cool and clever - except of course Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, WhatsApp, and any number of other messengers do exactly the same thing, and run on just about any (smart-ish) phone you might point a stick at so you might argue that they are all better than Blackberry Messenger and you would be right.

I kind of feel sorry for Blackberry Messenger though. It sits there on my phone, and the only contact in it is my better half. It’s her primary way of getting hold of me at work because I set BBM to vibrate regardless of the profile (you know silent, quiet, loud, etc).

If you have a Blackberry, and you want to look all popular by having another person in your Blackberry Messenger contact list, feel free to add me;

Blackberry Messenger Pin :2189F478

If, on the other hand, you use any of the other popular messengers, feel free to add me there too;

Google Talk:

Windows Live Messenger:

Yahoo Messenger:

As I alluded to earlier, I’ve also been playing with WhatsApp, which is available for most mobile operating systems - it’s free IM, and uses your contact list. I guess you would have to add me into your contacts to get it working