Contents of the Bag of Holding

I have this green bag that accompanies me most places (apparently it’s a Rothco bag, the same as that used by Jack Bauer, but having never seen an episode of 24, I have no idea).

Here’s what’s in it;Amazon Kindle Last Christmas I bought myself and my better half a kindle each, after not being able to come up with anything else that either of us really wanted. They have been brilliant (only taking the Kindle on holiday instead of an armful of books being a prime example)Nintendo DSi I’ve had the DSi since it came outmy DS got handed down to our eldest daughter, who still plays it on long car journeys, or while sat in the pub. W just got one yesterday to replace her dead DSfor her it is a “switch off” device at the end of the day.

Moleskine Notebook I’m not entirely sure how I got into writing in a notebook. Perhaps it’s a part of the whole “stationary/handwritten/paper” thing I have going on. I have a slowly accumulating stack of Moleskines on the shelf.Drawing Pens Refreshed this morningthe drawing pens are the easiest thing to write with I have discovered so farand of course are great for doodling.

HTC Desire In truth it spends 90% of it’s life in a pocket on my right thigh, but when not there, it lives in the bag. I’ve had iPhones. I’ve had Blackberries. I’ve ended up with an Android phone. I miss each of them for various things, but overall the Android phone has been good.Wallet I really must go and buy a walletI’ve had a succession of wallets that were given to me as presents, or were free at one time or another. This one came free with some clothes about a year ago. There is nowhere in it to put change, and I never put change in my pockets because of the phone being there"City" Filofax Refreshed with a new diary section this morning. I’ve been carrying this thing around for years now. Despite all the clever advantages of using the calendar on a phone, or in the computer, when you’re out in the street or somewhere else and somebody asks what you’re up to in three weeks time, paper is faster.Sandisk MP3 Player I bought this about a year ago while commuting a lot, and realising that my phone battery didn’t last the day when being used as a music player. This thing was cheap, lasts for days, and is tiny.Keys The odd assortment of keys I carry aroundclipped to a carabiner along with a USB flash drive, and a MooCard holder (perfect for giving other parents our number when out and about).Postscript I just realised I didn’t completely empty the bag.

ASUS EEE 1005P Netbook A Netbook PC running Windows 7. It’s just about big enough to write withindeed, I used it throughout our recent holiday. It’s also light, lasts for hours on a charge, and is easy to carry. Win!Western Digital 250Gb “My Passport” External Drive Small USB Hard drive containing all manner of ripped movies, and music. It got taken on holiday to provide movies in the event of rain, or other disasters. It’s a life saver.