Dinner with Friends, and Girls Football Tournaments

For the first time in at least a couple of years, we went out last night as a “grown up” couplewithout the childrenand had dinner with friends.

The hours flashed by, filled with wonderful food, funny stories, great wine, more wonderful food, more wine, and probably quite a lot of laughter. Finally somebody happened to glance at the clock.“Oh crapit’s gone 1!“We wrapped ourselves in coats and scarves, said our goodbyes, and wandered into the night air with toothy grins, great memories, andWhat a contrast to this morning.

The alarm clock erupted at 7am, and I somehow fumbled it into silence, before remembering our eldest was playing in a football tournament just outside town. I figured out pretty quickly that six hours sleep isn’t really enough when you drank waymore than you normally might the night before.

While stood next to the pitch in the biting cold, my phone vibrated as a Facebook message arrived;“How’s your head?“The truth? Better than I had imagined it might be.

For the greater part of the morning, I discovered how stressful watching your eldest daughter play football is. Who knew?