Friday night, Melrose Place, and Pizza

A couple of days ago I was looking at Amazon (as you do), and a box set of “Melrose Place” appeared in the suggested items list.

This is where I admit to seeing it first time roundtoo many years ago to accurately recall. Or at least, I remember seeing some of the first series.

It’s been interesting this eveningsitting, watching, and taking something of a time machine back to the mid 1990s. The acting is hilarious, and the script ridiculousbut something about it works. Of course I’m not sure if I’m watching it through rose tinted glassesSo here I am anywayit’s Friday night, I’m watching a TV show from a decade ago, and I’m eating pizza (I just remembered I skipped lunchwhich kind of explains why I’m ravenous now).

Anywayapologies for the scattergun post. Too few brain cells left to compose the next pullitzer