Fuji JZ500

I picked my other half’s new camera up from the postoffice this morning (after Amazon completely disregarded my delivery instructions). AnywayThis thing is amazing. Granted, I haven’t bought a camera in maybe 4 years, but even on a little point-and-shoot, I’m stunned at the things this little camera can do. It wasn’t that expensive eitherabout 80 ($120).

It would appear the camera can recognise dogs and cats, and can track moving objects to keep them in focus. It can also memorise faces, and find them in a sceneso if you have your family members or close friends in a group photo, it will realise they are there and concentrate on them.

Apparently it can also record full HD movies with stereo sound, is 14 megapixel, and has a 10x optical zoom with a whacking great lens that slides out of the bodyWinning!Incidentally, while playing with it in the office, we realised you could record somebody’s face, and tell the camera their name was “omg fugly!“then, when you point the camera at them, it pops the label up under their face all the time That’s got to be the best bar joke ever.