Lets try this “Quiet Weekend” thing again

I headed into this weekend with hopes of not really doing anything - perhaps a chance to get better at last. That didn’t really happen at all yesterday… I ended up going shopping three times, looking after four children throughout the day, making breakfast and lunch, tidying up, washing up, and all the other things that you discover en-route to trying to do something else.

Today I’m at W’s parents, and following her taking the kids out to a nearby farm, I have an hour or two to myself. After wandering all over town searching for cough sweets, I’m sat here munching on them, and trying not to cough if I can help it.

I would call my Mum to wish her a happy mothers day, but my phone is flat (forgot to charge it last night). Hopefully she won’t mind me calling this evening.

The phone is flat, the netbook is flat, the Kindle is nearly flat… it’s just one of those days.