Maybe Dad Dead ?

I arrived home from work to an empty house this evening, and while untangling myself from my backpack, bike helmet and MP3 player in the study, an ambulance turned up outside.

My first thought was “has something happened to W or the children?“but then the more rational part of my brain said “Police would visitthe Ambulance wouldn’t deliver them home”. The ambulance guy got out, and walked into a house a couple up from ours.

I got on with whatever I was doing, and maybe 10 minutes later I heard quiet thumps at the front door. I wandered into the hall to see what was going on, and caught sight of our youngest, propping the letter box open, and peeking through the slot.“It ok, Dad home"It transpired that on approach to the house, W and the girls had the same thought I hadexcept they thought something had happened to me. Apparently little miss six had volunteered;“Maybe Dad Dead?“in the most matter of fact voice you can imagine.

For some reason W found great hilarity in relating this to me.

Not sure if I should find it equally funny, or have words with Little Miss Six.

Stop laughing.