Nightmares and One Liners

I woke in the early hours this morning with something on my mind " something that caused quite possibly the most entertainingly connected nightmare I have ever had. When I got the iPad replaced at the weekend, I tucked the receipt into the zip pocket in my fleece top. Something had obviously been ticking away in my subconscious ever since, and went off at about 2am. W had been washing clothes all day, so had probably washed the receipt. Had she really washed the fleece? Did that mean if the iPad went wrong that I could no longer get it replaced? I fell back asleep without looking for it. Cue my brain to have fun with the story. The little I can now remember of the dream involved me losing my birth certificate, and for some reason that meant I couldn’t have any children. I don’t recall W or the girls being in the dream, but I remember being panic stricken. I woke a little before 7 this morning, lurched out of bed, and spotted the fleece hanging on the radiator beneath the checked shirt I wore on Sunday afternoon. I pulled the receipt straight out of the pocket. While wandering back and forth getting showered, shaved and dressed this morning I looked in on the girls " who were playing Mario Party in the playroom. Me : “Who’s winning?” Little Miss Six : “I’ve got 11: “You can keep quiet”. I smiled all the way to work.