One thing after another

I woke at 7 this morning when the radio alarm crackled into life and started pumping our local radio station into the air for whoever wanted to listen to it. After a few moments of fumbling in my “went to bed at 1am again” state, I shut it up, and fell back asleep.

At 7:30ish I woke againthis time with a hungry cat trying to bend gravity and make himself as heavy as possible sitting on my legs.

After staring at the wall adjacent to the bed for a while (something I’m quite good at), I suddenly realised our natural alarm clocksMiss 6 and Miss 7were having a sleepover at a friend’s house. No wonder the house was so damn quiet.

I eventually slid out of bed, had a shower, shave, found clean clothes, fed the cats, opened the windows, let the chickens out, and went on my way and was greeted down the street by Miss 6 and Miss 7 running across the green, waving like Maniacs, shouting “GOOD MORNING DADW wasn’t up yet, and (b) the house was locked, I turned tail, and let the kids into our housethen broke the news to sleeping beauty that the downstairs of our house was being ransacked by little people, and her blissful silence had come to an end. I delivered this news in the same manner you might approach a ticking bomb. She doesn’t “do” mornings.

And then I arrived at work.

I thought today was going to be quiet, so made plans to do things. That was a mistake. So far all I have done is react. I just lost most of the afternoon too, so bang goes any plans I had to do anything. Wonderful.