Revisiting my backpack

I wrote a blog post last summer about the contents of my backpack while travelling with work. I thought it might be interesting to revisit it - six months on - and see what I carry at the moment - see how much it has changed.


ASUS EEE 1000H Netbook

iPod Shuffle

“City” Filofax

Blackberry Curve

Moleskine Notebook

USB Flash Drive


ASUS EEE P1005 Netbook

Sansa Clip+ MP3 player

Blackberry Curve

Moleskine Notebook

Amazon Kindle

The netbook got an upgrade (our eldest daughter now has the old one - intended to be used for homework, but invariably used to watch funny cat videos).

I realised how stupid I had been letting iTunes look after all of our media, and took the brave/foolhardy decision to walk away. The Sansa Clip is turning out to be a fantastic iPod replacement, and I can use it with whichever music app I want.

The Blackberry Curve still works. It still has excellent battery life (several days per charge, even with heavy use), but it’s still a big steaming turd when compared with an iPhone or Android handset. In some ways that’s a good thing though; if I had a good phone, I would be posting to blogs and social networks three or four times as much (and getting nothing done).

Still carrying a Moleskine notebook around, although dumping thoughts into places online such as Tumblr has grown increasingly persuasive over putting pen to paper. Does this mean the end of paper notebooks for me? Who knows.

The Kindle is the new toy in the bag. It will keep me sane when faced with idiot businesswomen applying their makeup on trains with an excavator bucket while kicking your shins repeatedly.

The big loser? The Filofax.

I really liked the idea of using a filofax, and carried one around for a couple of years. Writing things down in it’s calendar helped a lot with remembering what I should have been doing, but at the end of the day Google Calendar + SMS wins every time. It’s one less thing to carry too.

Oh - and finally, DropBox has won the fight with the USB flash drive it’s still hanging from my keys, but I hardly everuse it.