Rising like a phoenix from the flames

Perhaps a week and a half after being pitched into mayhem I had no part in making, I have emerged today intact, and the project I impacted is spreading greenery and a pleasant atmosphere in much the same way as the genesis planet did in Star Trek II.

Perhaps the Star Trek metaphor was a bit of a stretchbut the edges of my metaphorical clothes are a little torn, charred, and smoking from the experience. I’m still in one piece though, which is good isn’t it?So, here I am, after the best part of 10 days, able to enjoy an evening with the knowledge that I’m not walking into another nightmare in the morning. I’ve been re-assigned back out of the warzone.

Perhaps some garbage television would be a good idea.

Talking about garbage television, I found myself looking at the box set of Melrose Place on Amazon the other dayit’s ridiculously cheap these dayseven while writing this I’m resisting the temptation to fire open another tab in the browser and order it. I remember watching it back in the day, and liking it in a “take your brain out” kind of way.

Maybe a book would be a better idea. Carry on reading “Ready Player One” maybe.