Saying Goodbye to Windows

A few evenings ago a mysterious bug reared it’s head in Windows 7 on the desktop machinefiles have started to take ages before they begin writing to the hard drive. I wasted about an hour looking into itrunning malware scans, checking the health of the hard drive, and so on. I found nothing.

I’ve pretty much had it with Windows at home. I just want something I can use, that works reliably. It’s not even like we use it for anything specificI do freelance work on it from time to time, but other than that I use a netbook, or the iPad.

Today I’m going through the various steps required to rip Windows from the machine, and replace it with Ubuntu. I’ve done it once before (about a year ago), so know exactly what’s involvedit’s just a bind because I know it will take several hours. To avoid “missing” any particular applications, I’ll create a “virtual” Windows machine that can be booted up to use Office if we need it (and a few graphics apps that I might need for freelance work)although thinking about it, we have a Windows laptop that the kids usewhich also has the few apps installed that we might ever need. The desktop really isn’t needed for anything. We just needit to work when we want to use it.

Perhaps this should be the start of the experimentto put more things into the cloud, and rely less on desktop applications. I already use GMail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Contacts, DropBox, EverNote, and a number of other cloud services, so it’s not much of a leap.

I’m just backing everything up before taking the plunge. Watch this space