The morning after the night before

Due to a chronic lack of hours in the day, I ended up working all last night on a client project for my day job. Unpaid. W wasn’t too amused about it, and it pretty much turned everything upside down at home, but it happens rarely so I can’t complain too much.

It would probably have helped if we aren’t pulled in so many directions all the time. Take last night for instance; Got in from work some time after 6 Dumped coat, bike helmet, and bag, and began washing up Sat down to dinner with W and the children Washed up again Set the iPad up for Miss 7 to do math questions (she likes doing them!) W left to go to school meeting Fired up work laptop Read younger children bedtime stories Had run-in with eldest daughter, who threw a huge tantrumbased mainly on my inability to do exactly what she wanted immediately instead of me reading the younger children a story Returned to work laptop, and worked straight through until 10pm on the stuff I brought home with me. Washed up again. Watched TV until midnight. Bed Got up at 7, washed up, made breakfasts, lunches, tidied kitchen, washed up AGAIN Left for workYou get the idea.