The Riots

Although I have been almost out of the loop for the last few days, I have caught the late night news once or twice, and seen reporting of the riots in London, Manchester and Birmingham.

Lets get things straight. There was a riot in London. There was a bit of looting and a couple of cars burned in Manchester and Birmingham.

The thing that has amazed me is the media’s refusal to coveror at least refusal to balancethe story in the way they should have.

In every area there has been trouble, the people living there have cleaned up within hoursthe next day. Even the burned buildings in London were made safe the next morning immediately.Damaged street lights were fixed within hours. Burned cars were removed and streets repaired.

Areas rich with immigrants and ethnic minorities took up defence of their own streetstheir chosen countryand did an amazing job.

Where was the media, pushing the message to those involved that they are a few hundred against an army of millions? Nowhere.

Where is the reporting of every single person involved being identified via the thousands ofsurveillancecameras covering the streets of the big cities, and brought to justice? Nowhere.

Instead the media are scratching around for the one or two bad stories they can find, and trying to inflate them as much as possible.

And they wonder why people have stopped buying newspapers